Effektivt körsätt, kör långsammare, kör effektivera

Are your fuel costs too high?*
Then we have good news for you.

Now you can start planning to save up to 15% of your fuel costs. Reduced wear and tear and lower service costs means that you can knock off another couple of per cent. Drivec® Eco Driving is our system for economical driving. There are other systems on the market, but nothing that is as easy to use and follow-up, or offers similar results over the long-term.

Drivec® Eco Driving is built on unique, advance technology. So advanced that you won’t even notice it, because our system is so easy to use; we’d go as far as to say that you’ll even enjoy it. With clear, achievable targets, you’ll notice the savings straight away.

A good investment, for you and the environment.
Easy-read, in-vehicle screen with self-learning driver support.

This is Drivec® Eco driving:

  • Measures overconsumption through speed, brake and idle information
  • Takes into account factors that the driver has no control over, such as; vehicle characteristics, tyre pressure,
  • traffic situation, weight, road surface condition, road angle, wind, temperature and rainfall
  • Vehicle computer records and handles all data automatically
  • Data collated automatically in clear, tailor-made reports, both current and empirical
  • Clear and correct information makes it easier to set targets individually and for groups
  • Easy follow-up – green, yellow and red drivers
  • Easy to read, in-vehicle screen means information direct to driver
  • Continuous driver training via in-vehicle screen driver support
  • Every driver has own password to own web report
Each driver has a password to their own web report and can follow their own trips, short-term and long-term.
Drivec® Eco Driving works in all vehicles regardless of brand and fuel/energy
type. The system measures overconsumption of fuel, meaning the total fuel
consumption that the driver can impact through the way they drive. The concept
‘overconsumption’ is trademarked and the method is patented. Please read more
about Drivec® Eco Driving and our other products at www.drivec.se, or contact
us and we’ll tell you more.


Drivec® Bridge is the base of all of our products. The unit collates, interprets and handles data from the vehicle.

Advantages of Drivec® Bridge
  • Complies with latest FMS standards
  • Easy connection with standard network cable
  • Configuration and settings of software updated remotely, saving time and resources
  • for the installer and customer
  • High performance and stable construction means that all vehicle data can be made available
  • Vehicle information from one or more sources; CAN-bus, J1708, 1-wire, rs-232, sensors or
  • analogue, or digital ports, means that older vehicles with EDC can also be connected
  • In-data and interpreted data can be transferred by Ethernet port according to TCP/IP
  • protocol designated DP (Drivec Protocol)
  • Triple axis accelerometer

If you already a have a communications solution in your vehicle there is no need to buy a new one.
Drivec® Bridge can be connected to all systems that have an Ethernet and Internet connection.

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