“We chose Drivec® Eco Driving so that we could easily track our driver’s energy-efficient driving. For us it is very important that it is the driver impact that is measured and not other factors. Nobina runs many different types of buses that traffic the entire Nordic region. With the parameter ‘over-consumption’ the driver can track his/her performance and make comparisons regardless of which bus or route they have driven,” says Anna Jonasson, head of operations at Nobina. Read more
Nobina’s eco-driving concept “the Green Journey”, is a mix of various parts; technology that assists the driver, training and the commitment of management and other staff. “With the Green Journey we have achieved a fuel consumption saving of 12% and reduced carbon emissions. As well as reducing environmental impact, the planned driving style has lead to more customer-friendly driving, fewer injuries and less wear and tear on the buses and roads. Drivec is a committed and innovative partner that works with us to achieve improvements!”

Anna Jonasson. Head of operations, Nobina.

“I have noticed several positive changes in our drivers’ driving behaviour since we installed the Drivec equipment on our buses,” says Tina Skytén, group manager and environmental coach at Nobina Södertälje. “The results of the changes can be seen clearly in the reports that we also use as a basis for our drivers’ monthly feedback sessions. The system is fair because the results are based on the way the drivers drive and not on fuel consumption. Thanks to the measuring device that is installed on our buses, our drivers can monitor the impact of their driving. It lets them know that they are performing well and it is producing good results.
As a bonus we have received positive feedback from our customers, and they appreciate our drivers’ new, ‘smoother’ driving style.”


Nyhlen och Hugossons

We save fuel with Drivec but what surprised us most is the substantial reduction in stress among our drivers. The improvement in the drivers’ working environment is something we value greatly

Per Marklund, head of transport, Nyhlen och Hugosson


“Climate change is without doubt one of the most important issues of our time and at Norrmejerier it is only natural that we want to do everything we can to reduce our impact on the environment. Norrmejerier is continually working with this issue, from the milking sheds on farms, all the way to our consumers.
Our environmental goal for our transports is to further reduce our fuel consumption and make our transports more efficient. One of the activities that we have introduced to reduce fuel consumption and carbons emissions from our transports is training our drivers in Eco-driving.

Lincargo & Norrmejerier have chosen Drivec® Eco Driving from Drivec. The main reason we use the Drivec system is the well-developed web functionality that makes it easy for us to follow-up results for our environmental goals and that the Drivec solution manages to measure and follow up overconsumption, regardless of vehicle type and make.

Our efforts to train more drivers in Eco-driving and to install Drivec in our trucks has continued during the year. This has produced positive results and overconsumption has been reduced substantially. Since 2007 we have reduced our carbon emissions by around 15% per 10 kilometres. During the year we have reduced fuel overconsumption from 0.26 l/per 10 km to 0.17 l/per 10 km.

Peder Nilsson, Vehicle Manager, Norrmejerier

Oskarsson och Nilsson Åkeri AB

We care about the environment

We put a great deal of focus on the environment in our business. We have installed Drivec Eco Driving from Drivec in our vehicles to reduce our impact on the environment. Our drivers are continually trained in Eco-driving and are rewarded if they reduce fuel consumption. In this way we have reduced our fuel and maintenance costs on our vehicles. One example of this is that the fuel consumption per vehicle has gradually gone down by just over 10%, representing a saving of around 7,800 litres per vehicle per year.

Jerry Nilsson, Managing Director.

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