About Drivec

Drivec develops and sells support systems that increase profitability, improve safety and reduce the environmental impact of the transport industry. With our extensive experience and drive to understand our customers’ unique needs we customise our solutions so that the right information reaches the right person at the company.

Drivec specialises in collating, interpreting and processing various in-vehicle control systems’ data communication. We have vast experience of engine management systems, transmission systems, power systems, systems for anti-lock brakes (ABS) and traction control. We work mainly with the physical interfaces CAN-bus and J1708 and we are also proficient in all-analogue systems such as EDC. Our strength is our ability to process collected data and with the aid of advanced calculation models and algorithms produce and present critical vehicle-related metrics and key performance indicators for our customers. This customised information is sent automatically and wirelessly to the customer’s portal or server.

Drivec is a privately owned company with its headquarters in Helsingborg, Sweden. The company was founded in 2004. In the same year Drivec® Eco Driving was launched; the system that makes it possible to cut fuel costs by 15% or more by reducing fuel consumption.

Business concept

Our business concept is to make vehicle-related financial, environmental and safety information available to our customers. We make this possible with our Drivec Bridge product that collates, processes and interprets data from all types of vehicles. The data is processed, and with the help of advanced calculation models and algorithms, critical vehicle-related metrics and key performance indicators are presented to our customers. Our customers can choose for the information to be presented in-vehicle or from our Drivec Cloud service. Our customers can also choose to have the information integrated with their operational systems and/or receive customised Drivec reports.

To succeed and achieve results our total focus is on user friendliness, reliability and stability.

Our customers include system integrators, system suppliers, bus companies and haulage contractors.

Drivec AB • Sundstorget 5 • 252 21 Helsingborg • Telephone +46 42-10 89 70 • info@drivec.se