Drivec Sustainable Suite

Drivec Sustainable Suite lets you optimise the performance of your vehicle fleet and care for the environment at the same time. Our Vehicle Health Management system gives you a status report, showing any wear or irregularities, for each vehicle. The EcoDriving system encourages your drivers to drive in a more fuel-efficient manner. Choose the options that will benefit your vehicles, your wallet and the environment, or simply choose the option that best suits your business.

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For all fuel types

Real-time information

Cloud-based data storage

Online reports

Drivec Sustainable Suite includes


Drivec Vehicle Health Management is our unique system that helps you keep track of each and every one of your vehicles in real time, allowing you to identify and resolve any issues before they become an expensive problem for your business.

Drivec VHM helps you to:

  • Make preventive fleet maintenance possible
  • Improve the reliability of your fleet on the road
  • Reduce the amount of work for mechanics
  • Plan workshop activities well in advance

Drivec EcoDriving helps you reduce your fuel costs by up to 15%! The system monitors and provides the drivers with direct feedback to encourage a more fuel-efficient driving style, regardless of the type of vehicle or distance.

Drivec Ecodriving helps you to:

  • Measure overconsumption and fuel efficiency
  • Identify situations and behaviour that present a risk to road safety
  • Measure and monitor environmental impact
  • Monitor idling and dry steering

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