Drivec is a partner for Swedish Championship in Bus Driving

Drivec has been a partner for Bussförar-SM (Bus Driving-Swedish Championship) for 7 years, which in 2019 took place in Gillingbanan, Stockholm. Naturally, Drivec was responsible for the Eco Driving stage, which is the first out of four stages. The others being disaster training, skidpan driving, and maneuvering tests.

The purpose of the Bussförar-SM (Bus Driving-SC) is to increase focus along with the status of the bus driving profession, as the need for recruitment is very large and the demands of the industry are constantly increasing.

Every year one billion trips are carried out within public transportation. Therefore, one of the most important professions and occupational groups in the industry are bus drivers, whom have a key role in making sure that your journey is comfortable and safe. As a result, Bussförar-SM (Bus Driving-SC) is arranged each year to draw attention to this professional group and demonstrate how important their skills are. The bus driver is the face of the company, which is why it’s important that they can provide good customer service. A bus driver should be able to drive the vehicle smoothly, conscientiously and economically viable. You should be able to operate the vehicle in both light and heavy traffic, be environmentally aware while keeping the quality of the drive high.

The driver who manages to complete the competitive stages the best, can title themselves the Swedish Champion.

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