KE’s Buses are investing in Drivec Ecodriving

Now it’s settled that KE’s Buses in Kungsbacka have decided to use Drivec EcoDriving. The company currently has a fleet of around 60 buses and is responsible for operating almost all the transit bus services in Kungsbacka municipality. In addition, they manage both school bus services, as well as intercity bus services. KE’s Buses have a strong environmental mindset and they have already made the transition to running on 100% renewable fuels.

– Initial analysis’ from Drivec’s test-on-packages have shown that there is the potential to make large savings with the help of Drivec EcoDriving, which in extension makes it natural for us to apply the system in the majority of our vehicles.

Says Per Hendén, CFO of KE’s Buses.

– Also, it’s a user-friendly system where it’s easy to extract useful information on both a driver- as well as vehicle level. In addition to the cost savings, Drivec EcoDriving is a useful tool in our environmental work.



Mikael Gabrielsson
Sales and Marketing Director
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