Vårgårda Buss Gears Up

During the year, Vårgårda Buss has tested the Drivec Sustainable Suite with both Vehicle Health Management and Ecodriving, on four of their busses. They have now decided to gear up and install the system on 27 new vehicles that will be delivered during spring of 2020.

Vårgårda Buss is a part of BIVAB, so the framework agreement with Drivec creates a better stepping stone for a more favorable deal.

– We are now taking the chance with the new buses that will be a part of Gislaved transportation. Geographically speaking, the fleet is farther away from us, which is why we see this as a huge opportunity in having a better management of vehicle health and status from a distance, says Östen Hallenbert, CEO of Vårgårda Bus.

Drivec is delivering the entire Sustainable Suite with Vehicle Health Management, EcoDriving, but also a new product, Driver Card Control. This new product reads if the driver has a valid driver’s license and reminds the driver if they don’t have their license with them.

– This is important for passenger safety and to avoid unnecessary fines during screenings, says Östen Hallenbert.

This means that Vårgårda Buss is switching up from a trial installation in four vehicles to 27 brand new buses. Vårgårda Buss views this as an extended trial run, where they will receive the opportunity to learn more about Drivec’s products. If it works well, it increases the possibility of adding Drivec’s system to the fleet’s 110 existing buses.

– For Drivec, this is an exciting opportunity. This gives us a good case at BIVAB and strengthens our brand in southern Sweden, says Mikael Gabrielsson, Sales & Marketing Manager at Drivec.


Mikael Gabrielsson
Sales and Marketing Director
+46 42 10 89 79

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