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A unique opportunity to test and evaluate the opportunities offered by sustainable driving and the strength in maintaining full control over the status of your vehicle fleet.


Try it for yourself on your own vehicle fleet

It’s one thing to read about what other customers have found with Drivec EcoDriving and Drivec VHM, but it’s quite another to test it under the unique conditions applicable to your own vehicle fleet and among your own operators and customers. The first step in a partnership might therefore be to implement a series of trial installations that allow us to jointly determine what Drivec could mean for you.

The process step by step

The analysis begins by establishing how many vehicles you want to include in the analysis. This number is based on the size of your fleet and your chances of finding a representative selection. Hardware is then installed in the selected vehicles. After this, route planners and fleet managers undergo training in the system. We then examine the conditions together with management in order to implement the system and validate it with users and key persons. Phase 1 concludes with a 30-day benchmarking period during which we measure how the drivers drive without EcoDriving.

In the second phase, the company’s pilot drivers are trained in EcoDriving. The company is now ready to test drive with EcoDriving support over a two-month period.

During the analysis phase, Drivec collects driving data and compares the results between the drivers training in EcoDriving and the benchmark. Data on irregularities in the status of the vehicle fleet are identified by Drivec VHM and reported regularly to those responsible at your company. Throughout the entire analysis phase, Drivec helps to monitor your activities, provides feedback on driving behaviour, and implements measures related to vehicle health.

How it works


Identification of vehicles in which the system will be installed

Installation of hardware for the free trial period

Portal training for route planners/fleet managers

Implementation workshop with management team to define conditions for implementation of EcoDriving

Interviews with key persons and users to validate the current situation

One-month trial period to collect data and establish the benchmark


EcoDriving driver training

Driver interfaces/screens are installed

Two-month trial period to identify changes


Ongoing analysis with Drivec EcoDriving

Ongoing analysis with Drivec VHM

Final report and basis for decisions

Data for improvement

After the analysis phase, Drivec submits a final report to the customer relating to EcoDriving and VHM. This report includes both soft and hard data, such as financial information, mechanics’ perception of vehicle health and how it influenced their work, and information on how the service has helped to bring about more corrective measures and fewer recurring faults and, as a result, higher ”delivery” figures in terms of the number of vehicles that are on the road.

Decision data based on the ongoing commercial discussion and defined KPIs are also submitted along with this report. If you choose to proceed, an implementation plan will also be drawn up for the project.

Take advantage of our trial offer

Our trial offer is customised to your vehicle fleet and the number of test vehicles that need to be included in the trial for the results to be as accurate as possible. Contact us today for a hassle-free quote.