Vehicle Health Management

Drivec Vehicle Health Management (VHM) is a system that can help you keep track of the status of all your individual vehicles, as well as providing a useful overview of total wear and tear throughout your fleet. Drivec VHM builds up its data with the help of unique AI, creating opportunities to quickly identify discrepancies such as high engine temperatures, powertrain problems, brake wear or incorrect oil pressures.

It’s easy to get started with Drivec VHM, and it works on vehicles of all types.

With our system, we can help you to:

  • Predict and remedy faults before they actually occur.
  • Increase utilisation levels for your vehicles thanks to improved maintenance planning
  • Improve the reliability of your vehicle fleet thanks to a more in-depth understanding of the real-time health of the system and by implementing forecast-based and preventive maintenance.
  • Reduce unnecessary and unplanned maintenance.

How it works

The artificial intelligence used by Drivec VHM monitors each individual vehicle in the fleet. The vehicles send data to Drivec Cloud.

In 80% of cases, Drivec VHM detects discrepancies more than 72 hours before they turn into serious faults. A warning is sent to a responsible mechanic when a behavioural discrepancy is detected.

The mechanic takes the necessary action.

The mechanic then has the opportunity to follow up on the matter and verify that the fault has actually been remedied by taking a look at Drivec VHM.

Customer portal

The customer portal is the hub between you and Drivec VHM that lets you track your vehicle fleet in real time. It is web-based so that you as a customer always have access to the portal, wherever you are.

With Drivec VHM you easily get control of:

  • Engine temperature
  • Drivetrain
  • Breaks
  • Sweeping level
  • Oil pressure
  • Coolant temperature

Analysis and surveillance

With our add-on analysis and surveillance service, our experts help you interpret, monitor and filter all information that passes the VHM system so you can do something else. Analysis and surveillance takes place in real time and you get direct feedback if we detect deviations on your vehicles.

Would you like to try Drivec VHM?

Our trial offer

Our Sustainable Suite trial offer lets you put both VHM and EcoDriving to the test in your own vehicle environment before you decide to purchase. The system will be installed in some of your vehicles for a two-month trial period. Drivec then produces a final report showing the data against set targets, and compares the results of the vehicles in your fleet that have been driven with and without our system.

Quotation request

Contact us to get a quote tailored to your wishes and your vehicle fleet.

The technology behind Drivec VHM


Drivec Cloud connects your vehicles to the cloud-based portal that allows you to monitor your vehicle fleet in real time. Drivec Cloud can also communicate with your other FMS systems.

About Drivec Cloud:

  • Transfer data from your vehicle fleet to the customer portal
  • Real-time communication with approx. 80 parameters per minute
  • Stable and secure connection

Drivec Bridge provides a basis for all products and is the unit that collects, interprets and processes data from your vehicles. If you already have a communication solution in your vehicles, you don’t need to invest in a new one.

About Drivec Bridge:

  • Compliant with the latest FMS standards
  • Simple connection and remote updating
  • High performance and secure construction
  • Vehicle information from multiple sources such as CAN bus, J1708, 1-wire, RS-232, analogue/digital ports and sensors
  • Backwards-compatible for older vehicles with EDC
  • Data collected is sent using the TCP/IP protocol
  • 3-axis accelerometer