Finland’s Biggest Long-distance Operator a New Customer

During the spring, Drivec EcoDriving was installed at Finland’s biggest long-distance travel operator, The objective is as clear as it is relevant: reduced fuel costs and better driving habits.

After many years of growth as a company, is now Finland’s largest and most well-known brand in long-distance travel. Every year, the company’s 128 buses drive 28 million (!) kilometres over their 5 million customer journeys.

“We are very pleased to have won OnniBus as a customer together with our partner in Finland, Telia,” says Drivec’s Head of Marketing and Sales Mikael Gabrielsson. “We are confident that our services will work just as well in Finland as here at home in Sweden.”

Installation is in full swing and will initially be carried out for all 68 double-decker buses operating on the roads. There is also the possibility that the installations will then continue in the company’s 60 single-deckers.

“We have started publishing driver-specific data for our bus drivers at our stations on a monthly basis,” says Lauri Helke, CEO of “It’s a way to highlight the progress we can make both on an individual level and at company level with data we can obtain through the energy-efficient driving system.”

“The data we get from our connected vehicles allows us to save 1-5% fuel per year. The double-deckers alone consume about 5.5 million litres per year, which means that our fuel costs are about €6 million a year. This of course translates into substantial savings since, in addition to lower fuel costs, we will be able to reduce wear on tyres and other driving costs. And it’s also better for the environment because there are fewer emissions,” explains Helke.

In addition to the installation of Drivec EcoDriving on all double-deckers, Drivec VHM is also being trialled on the same vehicles during a test period. VHM is the system for monitoring the condition of all individual vehicles in real time and detecting deviations in bus behaviour early on. If this test produces good results, it is likely that the company will also opt for a live installation of Drivec’s vehicle health solution.

“Thank you for the confidence you have shown in Drivec,” concludes Mikael Gabrielsson.

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