Our expertise is at your disposal

Time is precious and there is never enough of it. For that reason, we’ve developed two value-added services that allow you to focus on your core business functions while our experts take care of everything else.

We help you achieve the goals you’ve set by providing training that improves the driving behaviour of your drivers and by expertly analysing and monitoring the status of your vehicle fleet.

Implementation of Drivec EcoDriving

After investing in an EcoDriving system, it is crucial to get the greatest returns on your investment as quickly as possible. Our 20 years of experience in developing and implementing EcoDriving systems clearly show that lasting results are achieved through company-wide commitment.

For this reason, Drivec offers an implementation programme in partnership with Santura which will help your company to maximise the benefits afforded by Drivec EcoDriving. Our joint implementation work begins in the pilot installation where we work closely with you to define the current situation and purpose, and formulate goals for EcoDriving. The programme supplies leaders with knowledge of how they can effectively cultivate an environment that changes
ingrained behaviours, creates momentum and a willingness to change, and how they can follow up on and reward positive driving patterns among drivers.

Why is the implementation programme necessary?

  • Maximises the value of your investment into Drivec EcoDriving
  • Provides leaders with the tools to lead an organisation in which new technologies and new ways of working are implemented
  • Creates an understanding of challenges and opportunities when we want to work on changing behaviours

Would you like more information?

Please email us at info@drivec.se with your contact details and we’ll be in touch soon.

Driver training

Our driver training helps your drivers to optimise their driving behaviour! Ultimately, it’s the people behind the wheel who are the key to the success of your business. A more efficient driving style decreases wear and tear on your vehicles and reduces fuel consumption by 10–15% each year. Moreover, your company is taking its responsibility for the environment. In other words, your business benefits in many ways.

Your drivers are given a full day of training to learn all about the EcoDriving system from our expert instructors. The course includes a theory session that covers the success factors behind a cost-saving driving style, and hands-on sessions when the drivers get to practice driving more efficiently and economically.

Is driver training necessary?

  • Better planning and smarter driving habits are good for the health of your vehicles, the environment and your wallet
  • It leads to increased safety for passengers and the goods being transported
  • Each driver is given feedback for four weeks after training, which enables faster customisation of the system

Would you like more information?

Please email us at info@drivec.se with your contact details and we’ll be in touch soon.

Analysis and surveillance

Our analysis and surveillance service helps you manage the information that is fed into the Vehicle Health Management system, so that you can focus on your core business. Our experts monitor, filter and organise the data from your vehicles, allowing you ample time to make informed, cost-saving decisions. Our surveillance system provides both preventive and real-time data, making it easier to plan service and repairs before anything unforeseen happens. This ensures your vehicles are operating safely on the road.

Help from our experts

  • Finding patterns that will benefit your business
  • Analysing data to let you plan and prioritise workshop activities well in advance
  • Identifying recurring irregularities and creating methods to pinpoint them automatically
  • Determining needs and criteria for preventive maintenance of your fleet
  • Using Drivec VHM to its maximum potential

How it works

  Our employees monitor your vehicles between the hours of 8.00 am and 5 pm, Monday to Friday.

  Preventive and real-time parameters are monitored to provide you with valuable information about irregularities and error codes.

  If any irregularities or error codes occur, these are reported to key individuals in the company via text message, email or directly to your current system.

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Automatic tachograph data retrieval

Save time and achieve greater control with our new automatic data retrieval service for tachographs and driver cards. Drivers don’t need to do anything, all data is transferred automatically and securely from your vehicles to the storage and analysis system of your choice.

Would you like more information?

Please email us at info@drivec.se with your contact details and we’ll be in touch soon.