Drivec EcoDriving is an economical driving system that will allow you to start planning for fuel costs that are reduced by up to 15%. Add to that a reduction in wear and tear and lower servicing costs, and you should be able to deduct another few per cent. Drivec EcoDriving is based on unique, advanced technology – but that’s really not something you need to worry about. Quite the opposite, in fact. Our aim is to make life easier – and more fun, for that matter – for both you and your drivers. You’ll notice the savings straight away, with clear targets that are easy to reach.

Drivec EcoDriving works on all vehicles, no matter what manufacturer or type of fuel or energy they run on. The system measures overconsumption, i.e. the proportion of total fuel consumption that drivers can influence by the way in which they drive. This is a good investment – for you, and for the environment.

Simple integration

Real-time information

Cloud-based data storage

Online reports

Clear in-vehicle display with self-learning driver support

  • Measures overconsumption and fuel efficiency
  • Takes into account vehicle factors and external factors and is independent of fuel type
  • Easy monitoring of targets
  • Clear, fair information reinforces the desired driving behaviour
  • Regular driver training has a positive influence on driver behaviour
  • Individual users
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installed Drivec Ecodriving systems

On average, Drivec Ecodriving results in fuel efficiency improved by


Every year, we reduce CO2 emissions by


Would you like to try Drivec Ecodriving?

Drivec Analysis allows you to test both EcoDriving and VHM in your own vehicle environment. Drivec Analysis provides an introduction to Drivec EcoDriving and heralds the start of your journey towards more sustainable driving. With this analysis package, pilot installations of the system are fitted in a number of your vehicles. After that, we work together to implement a two-month analysis period where we compare the results from drivers who’ve received training and are using Drivec EcoDriving with the results from other drivers.

There’s continuous discussion throughout the entire analysis period, compiling outcomes against defined targets and evaluating them. Drivec then submits a final report after the end of this period. This report includes both soft and hard values – by that we mean financial data, but also what the drivers thought of Drivec EcoDriving and how it made their work easier.

Drivec Analysis is a starter pack that allows you to test economical driving in your vehicle fleet. The analysis package includes:

  • Complete hardware setup
  • Training for drivers and portal users
  • Access to Drivec Ecodriving (and Drivec Vehicle Health Management)
  • Regular analysis and evaluation
  • Final report and decision data

The technology behind Drivec VHM

Drivec Cloud connects your vehicles to the cloud-based portal that allows you to monitor your vehicle fleet in real time. Drivec Cloud can also communicate with your other FMS systems.

About Drivec Cloud:

  • Real-time communication with approx. 80 parameters per minute
  • Customer portal reporting fuel economy, environmental impact, vehicle health and driver behaviour, for example

Drivec Bridge provides a basis for all products and is the unit that collects, interprets and processes data from your vehicles. If you already have a communication solution in your vehicles, you don’t need to invest in a new one.

About Drivec Bridge:

  • Compliant with the latest FMS standards
  • Simple connection and remote updating
  • High performance and secure construction
  • Vehicle information from multiple sources such as CAN bus, J1708, 1-wire, RS-232, analogue/digital ports and sensors
  • Backwards-compatible for older vehicles with EDC
  • Data collected is sent using the TCP/IP protocol
  • 3-axis accelerometer

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