Drivec EcoDriving is a user-friendly system for fuel-efficient driving that allows you to start planning for reductions in fuel costs of up to 15%. That figure should increase once you have added the savings achieved in wear and tear and servicing costs. Drivec EcoDriving is based on unique, sophisticated technology that measures excess fuel/energy consumption, i.e. the proportion of total energy consumption that drivers can affect by the way they drive. Our aim is to make life easier – and more fun, for that matter – for both you and your drivers. With clear targets that are easy to reach, you will see savings straight away. A good investment – for you and for the environment.

Energy-independent solution

Drivec EcoDriving is a completely energy-independent solution that enables you to have your entire vehicle fleet in a single system. Regardless if your energy source is diesel, HVO, LPG, biogas, hybrid or electric, we handle your vehicles and ensure that your drivers are properly assessed. The system measures driver performance in relation to energy efficiency, which means that no matter what vehicle your drivers operate, they can be measured against other drivers and vehicles. The efficiency value becomes a transparent metric between different energy sources that is easy to follow up on.

Unique solution for electric vehicles

There has been a lack of knowledge regarding cost-effective and environmentally smart driving with electric vehicles in commercial road use. While interest in electric vehicles is growing rapidly, the general picture has been that there are no energy losses with electric vehicles, but that is not true. According to our measurements, it is only through smart driving that energy can be efficiently generated. For example, if you brake hard, the mechanical brakes engage and result in energy loss. Our system can help you to drive efficiently with electric vehicles.

Simple integration

Real-time information

Cloud-based data storage

Online reports

Clear in-vehicle display with self-learning driver support

  • Measures excess fuel/energy consumption and energy efficiency
  • User-friendly in-vehicle display appreciated by drivers
  • Takes into account vehicle factors and external factors and is independent of fuel type
  • Easy target follow up
  • Regular feedback that positively influences driver behaviour
  • Individual users
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installed Drivec Ecodriving systems

On average, Drivec Ecodriving results in fuel efficiency improved by


Every year, we reduce CO2 emissions by


Our customer portal

The customer portal is the hub between you and Drivec EcoDriving, which allows you to track your vehicle fleet in real time. The portal is web-based, which means that you, the customer, can access it at any time from wherever you are.

Drivec EcoDriving make it easy for you to keep track of:

  • Fuel consumption and overconsumption
  • Driving distances
  • Braking
  • Idling
  • Coasting
  • The location of your vehicles

Implementation support

Company-wide commitment is key to creating lasting results. In the same way that the technical solution requires installation, updates, and system support, users need training, guidance, and support. Our implementation consultants have extensive industry experience and will help you to manage the behaviour changes needed to maximise the benefits afforded by Drivec EcoDriving.

Driver training

Our experienced instructors help your drivers to learn a more fuel-efficient way of driving! Our value-added service gives the drivers the theoretical and practical tools they need to optimise their driving behaviour, which in turn delivers positive results for your business. Ultimately, it’s the people behind the wheel who determine the success of your business.

Would you like to try Drivec Ecodriving?

Free online demo

Book a free online demo with one of our sellers and we will get back to you with suggestions regarding suitable times. The demo is held on the customer portal and usually runs for about 20-30 minutes, during which we will explain how it works and discuss potential solutions for your challenges.

Our trial offer

Our Sustainable Suite trial offer lets you put both VHM and EcoDriving to the test in your own vehicle environment before you decide to purchase. The system will be installed in some of your vehicles for a two-month trial period. Drivec then produces a final report showing the data against set targets, and compares the results of the vehicles in your fleet that have been driven with and without our system.

Quotation request

Contact us to get a quote tailored to your wishes and your vehicle fleet.

The technology behind Drivec VHM


Drivec Bridge is at the heart of everything we offer and it is the device that collects, interprets and processes data from your vehicles. We have three different versions at present, and the version that will suit you best will depends on the current technology in your vehicle.


Drivec Bridge in brief

  • Compliant with the latest FMS standards
  • Simple connection and remote updating
  • High performance and secure construction
  • Vehicle information from multiple sources such as CAN bus, J1708, 1-wire, RS-232, analogue/digital ports and sensors
  • Backwards-compatible for older vehicles with EDC